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Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving is an economically priced, bespoke, quality product.

Please contact us for a quote. 

Mobile shelving/roller racking is a well established as the most cost-effective method of space utilisation, either by nearly doubling current storage capacities or relieving valuable office work space for mobile profitable work practices.

Such systems are generally designed to work between fixed or static units making better use of available space and improving storage management, shorter picking routes, centralised storage areas and simplified security.

Layouts are bespoke and can be designed to accommodate obstructions and different heights to maximise the storage space. Runs of appropriate storage units are built on engineered mobile bases, rails are either surface mounted with an infill floor or flush fitted to the existing floor with sufficient room for a single to be opened and access to be gained at any point with in the installation

Standard and bespoke paint BS or RAL colours are available upon request with a high-quality epoxy powder coated finish.


Ranges of decorative end panels are available to blend installations into the working environment with using MFC, steel and vinyl picture wraps. 

A full range of internal storage components available including double doors, shelf dividers and lateral filing rails, combination shelves, pull-out reference shelves and drawer units.

Installations can be easily relocated and reused should it be required Mobile shelving is an economically priced, quality product with pleasing appearance combined with versatility.

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